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We produce radio ready mix's for on air broadcast. Our music library covers a lot of genres from Latin, to top 40, hip-hop, R&B, house music, etc.

Commercial production

Dj's If you want to make a great impression with your mixes we offer our studio. And we also work with DJs from start to finish from selecting the music genre. The DJ Drop To customizing graphics for the finish mix so that it can be viewed through social media with a professional looking Image.

Masmusica1 production only uses professional equipment for production

Mas Musica1 production

We also produce commercials for radio Broadcast. In English and Spanish

Need a DJ drop. We do DJ drops in English in Spanish male and female voices.


  • Custom DJ Drops in both Male & Female voice!
  • Submit your own scripts up to 15 words per drop. 
  • Have you drop with or without fx For your radio DJ sets
  • Want more information send us a email

We also provide video mixes for night clubs and restaurants.

For promotional use only



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